If you are interested about the upcoming training course from Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton, the 7 figure cycle, make sure you follow these profiles.

A good twitter account that seems to have a lot of information is this one or GFK Reviews. There is also a subreddit open, where you can find more information.

A facebook page I would follow is definitely this one: The Official Facebook Page. If you would like to see gfkamerica’s facebook page and post about the 7 figure training, go here.

The 7 figure online business cycle system – want more info?

This is a completely new system that goes in depth on how to setup your own business that hasĀ  the potential to reach 7 figures.

In a nutshell, you buy from wholesalers and sell at amazon at a profit. This can be replicated every 2 weeks up to 26 times per year. You should know about product life cycles if you want to make this work. You can learn about it here. You can also add this playlist as your go-to source.

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